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Nihon Kohden 1550a

You can be sure to buy quality cardiac treadmill stress test equipment from various brands such as Mortara, Schiller, Burdick, Quinton, GE and others.

We know how stress testing can be tedious, but with the help of newer technology and equipment your patients won't have to exert as much effort and you'll still be able to get accurate readings and results.

What are Stress Test Systems?

Stress test systems, or otherwise known as stress test machines are used to collect pertinent heart data in a controlled stress environment. In order to get accurate diagnostics doctors sometimes have to make the patient's heart work in order to have it beat faster.

In simple terms, a stress test equipment induces physical stress in order for healthcare providers to get reading on vital heart and lung information, which is used to assess a patient's cardiac condition or determine if he or she has a coronary artery disease.

Stress test equipment price varies according to how sophisticated the machine is and the extra features that come with it. A good quality stress test equipment is one that can detect arrhythmia and artery blockages quickly and accurately.

If you're wondering which equipment used for stress test, there's the basic equipment as well as echo stress testing.

A basic stress test consists of cardio equipment such as an exercise bike or a treadmill and wires that are hooked up to an EKG or ECG machine. For this setup a blood pressure monitor and a 12-lead ECG device is required.

For individuals who are unable to get up and walk, there's a method to measure vital heart information. In echo stress testing, an ultrasound device measures the heart at rest and also when it's stressed, then compares the two.

Good investments mean buying from well-known echo stress test equipment system manufacturers GE, Philips Healthcare, Schiller and others. At AIMCARDIO, you can buy exercise stress test equipment with utmost peace of mind knowing your investment will last a long time.

How Does a Stress Test Machine Work?

We can answer your question on stress test machine how it works by illustrating what the patient must do.

For the stress test machine to work, the patient must have an elevated heart rate. This can be done with exercise, or 'stressing' out the body. The individual can run, walk or bike in place using a stationary bike or treadmill while various measuring devices such as ergospirometry, EMG and ECG machines take readings.

A cardiac stress test machine displays how blood circulates around the body and shows which area of the heart isn't contracting as it should. An in-depth look will reveal which parts aren't getting enough blood and if there are dead tissues where blood doesn't flow. Your doctor can then do additional tests before coming up with a diagnosis.

At AIMCARDIO, we offer new, used and refurbished exercise treadmill stress test equipment so you can expand your clinic or hospital's services and provide better healthcare as a whole. Call us and speak with our knowledgeable medical equipment staff to learn more.

Tips on Buying Cardiac Stress Test Equipment

The task of buying refurbished stress test machines shouldn't be too difficult.

You can eliminate most headaches by buying from a reputable source of medical equipment for sale.

Moreover, choose from major manufacturers who are known for producing quality machines. A quick test should reveal whether the stress test equipment is up to standards or not. For instance, it should be able to display the patient's heart rate, electrocardiogram data, blood pressure, ergometer load, treadmill speed and protocol. The equipment should support a 12-lead ECG machine that can store and measure electrocardiogram signals.

Shop for Used Stress Test Equipment at the Best Prices

AIMCARDIO, we offer only the best used stress test equipment for those who are looking for maximize their budget on medical machines. You can get a branded cardiac stress test equipment for a fraction of the price of a brand new unit.

Refurbished are the same as new equipment in terms of reliability, features and hardware. We offer treadmill stress test equipment with a warranty backed by excellent support for absolute peace of mind.

Browse through our available stress test equipment and give us a call today.