Nasiff CardioCard PC-Based Stress System with Treadmill

2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

Nasiff PC-Based Stress System, EMR Compatible,CardioStress turns any PC into an all-in-one cardiology system. The Nasiff CardioCard PC-Based Stress ECG System has more protocols built in and available than any other system. All systems come with a fully interpretive 12 lead diagnostic Stress ECG, measurements matrix, serial historical comparisons, comprehensive patient charting, databases and more. The system is EMR compatible with an unlimited database.
CardioStress provides state-of-the art care during exercise activities – we care about you and your patients

• Simultaneous PC-based ECG (12- lead PC ECG)/PC EKG Diagnostic Acquisition
• WINDOWS: Point & Click User Interface
• Real-time 3-, 6- or 12- lead Color Display of ECG/EKG Complex
• 10 foot Patient ECG / EKG Cable with Locking Replaceable Leads (plus 3 feet)
• Full Patient Demographics and Information
• HR with Global Measurements, Complete Interval Values and ST information
• Capture Unlimited ECG/EKG Durations of Patient ECG Data to Hard Drive, Floppy or any Storage Medium
• USB or Notebook (PCMCIA) Formats
• User Selectable Lead Formats on Final ECG Report
• Print Final Report to Non-fading Laser Hard Copy
• Real-time ECG/EKG Monitoring; 1-, 2-, 3-, 6- or 12- user
• Selectable Leads
• Complete Test Storage of ECG/EKG Data to Hard Disk,
• Floppy or Optical
• 29 Preprogrammed Protocols with 5 User Defined Protocols
• each with 40 Stages
• Graphs/Tables: HR and BP Trend, Speed/Grade, Representative beats for all Stages
• View/Print Full Disclosure Measurements for all Stages, ST Maximum/ST Average
• On-screen Status of Test: Phase Time, Total Time, Speed,
• Grade, Target HR, 12- lead ST Levels and Slopes
• Report Transmission via Fax or Network
• Post Test Review/Editing of ECG Data
• Baseline Correction and other Filters to Minimize Motion Artifact

Compatible with GE, Quinton and Trackmaster Treadmills