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buying an Ultrasound Machine used or Refurbished from a reputable American International Medical dealer offers substantial savings over buying new.

American International Medical sells a variety of diagnostic imaging equipment including new console ultrasound machines, used console ultrasound machines, new portable ultrasound machines, used portable ultrasound machines, transducers, ultrasound replacement parts, ultrasound replacement probes.
We also carry ultrasound and diagnostic imaging accessories, including: printers and recorders, printer paper, probe covers, disinfectant solutions, and much more.
We offer each product in a variety of brands and manufacturers, so whether you are looking to buy an ultrasound machine online, or whether you are looking to replace a part for your clinic’s existing ultrasound machine,
we can help you find what you need!

Browse our section to see our selection of parts, EKG’s, Stress machine, Ekg machine, Stress Test Machine  and stress consoles


These Ultrasound machines are appropriate for any hospital, medical center, or insurance examiner running electrocardiograph testing.

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