Acuson Cypress Ultrasound

Patient ready with all the accessories. Comes with REV. 14.0 SOFTWARE, STRESS ECHO, DICOM, 3V4C TRANSDUCER and a 1 year parts & labor warranty.

The Cypress system is a highly miniaturized, all digital, phased array echocardiography system that provides complete studies and outstanding images – even on the most technically difficult patients. Today’s clinical environment leaves no room for compromise and no time for repeat studies. The Cypress system offers a full range of capabilities, including harmonic mode, high frame rate color flow mapping, Doppler, stress echo, digital image management and built-in DICOM connectivity.



Dimensions:12.1 inch integrated digital flat panel display monitor with tilt

Height: 13.67 in (34.7 cm)

Width: 15.58 in (39.6 cm)

Depth: 15.58 in (19.4 cm)

Weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)

Electrical Power:Voltage: 100 – 120/200 – 240 VAC

Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

Current 1.2/0.6 A

Nominal Input Power: 144 VA

Options:Integrated Stress Echo

Intracardiac Echo (ICE)

Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) Measurements

Advanced Triggering

DICOM Network Output

Custom Cart

Operating Modes:

2D fundamental and harmonic imaging

Color Doppler Velocity

Color Doppler Energy


PW Spectral Doppler

CW Spectral Doppler

Duplex with PW and CW Doppler


Extended Warranties and Service Contract Available