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Burdick 8500



Mortara Eli 250 EKG



Cardiodynamics Bio-Z






Schiller AT-1

Philips PageWriter EKG Machines

Philips Pagewriter Touch


Nihon Kohden 9020v


Nihon Kohden 1350a


Nihon Kohden 1250a

Why Purchase a Refurbished ECG/EKG Machine?

Refurbished cardio equipment are not inferior to their brand new counterparts. Aside from the lower cost you'll find them to be just as reliable and functional as newer units.

At AIMCARDIO, we offer refurbished ECG machines for sale which have been thoroughly tested and checked. Moreover, our used EKG machines come with a warranty for utmost peace of mind.

Our refurbished medical equipment have been calibrated, quality tested and inspected before being sold to healthcare providers. All used EKG or ECG machines will have new sensors, paper and clips along with an operator's manual. Your patients deserve quality care, something that our used EKG machines will be able to provide.

Buy EKG/ECG Machines - New, Used and Refurbished for Sale

At AIMCARDIO, you'll have a wide variety of brand new as well as used EKG machine for sale and refurbished EKG machines for sale.


Our selection includes anywhere from 3- to 12-lead configuration machines and stress testing equipment, among others.

A 12 lead ECG machine for sale is the standard as it can manage arrythmia, ischaemia, infarction and implants. If you're looking to buy a cheap ECG machine then don't hesitate to browse through our online selections of EKG equipment for sale.

At AIMCARDIO, we have all branded and used EKG machines for sale, from Schiller to Philips and GE Healthcare and Cardiac Science, among others. You can get the best and most reasonably-priced 12 lead ECG machine from our shop! Our EKG sales team will be happy to assist you in finding the ideal EKG for sale with an ECG machine price that fits your budget.

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EKG prices are listed on our website for reference. When you're ready, simply ask our online experts on how you can get an EKG that fits your need and your budget.

All our stock come from reputable manufacturers such as Welch Allyn, Mortara and GE Healthcare . Moreover, a lot of our used ECG machines come with the latest features that make work easier and more efficient. As far as function is concerned, our machines work very much the same as a brand new medical equipment.

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