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Buying a used Ekg Machines from a reputable American International Medical dealer offers substantial savings over buying new.
These EKG machines are appropriate for any hospital, medical center, or insurance examiner running electrocardiograph testing.
EKG / ECG Machines – Detect heart diseases and heart problems.
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How to buy an EKG machine?

  • Paying too much: Your machine breaks and the local rep who has been providing you with gauze pads, cotton balls and all your other office supplies brings an EKG machine that he represents into the office for you to consider.
  • Finding that your nurses’ love it, and you need the machine: the local rep gives you a price.
  • Your rep for some large distributors accepts incentives to promote certain machines, in this case, EKG’s, but the machine may not be the one for your practice.
  • Haggling little, if at all, and, voila, there is a brand new machine in your office.

What price range should I spend on my EKG Machine?

Depending on how you use it, you may want to choose to spend one price or another. As you can see, there are Ekg machines whose cost is less than 300 Dollars. These are ideal for domestic use, as they can provide you with information about your heart condition, and can transfer this information to your attending physician. Similarly, they are very good for home care in patients, as well as for use in health centers, senior homes, and university clinics.

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