Mortara Eli 380 Resting EKG

///Mortara Eli 380 Resting EKG

Mortara Eli 380 Resting EKG

Mortara ELI 380 EKG Resting ECG
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Mortara Eli 380 Resting EKG

Solution-Based Design

Impact-resistant, high resolution 17 inch color display and sealed easy-to-clean Glass keyboard are designed for demanding patient care environments. “Instant-on” feature enables clinicians to quickly power up and immediately begin ECG acquisition.

Smart keyboard design enables more thorough disinfection than electrocardiographs utilizing traditional keyboards. Simplified disinfection assists facilities in complying with Infection Prevention and Control Programs and the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control.

WAM (Wireless Patient Cable) allows easy hook-up and acquisition of ECG, also in critical areas. 15-lead ECG optionally available.

Complete workflow management, large memory, bar code inputs and DICOM/XML bi-directional communications are part of the configurations offered in the ELI 380.