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Used Medical Equipments specialists American International Medical (AIMCARDIO) specializes in Quinton (Quinton Q-3000 Stress Test system, Quinton Q-4000 Stress Test system, Quinton Q-4500 Stress Test system, Quinton Q-5000 Stress Test system, Quinton Q-Stress Test system along with ST-55 Treadmills, TM-55 Treadmills and TM-65 Treadmills), Marquette (Marquette Case12 Stress Test System, Marquette Case 6 Stress Test system, Marquette Max-1 Stress Test system), GE/Marquette (Case Stress Test system and Case 8000 Stress system along with T-2100 and  T-2000 Treadmills).

American International Medical (AIMCARDIO) also specializes in Telemetry for Cardiac Rehab and stand alone Fitness equipment Treadmills (Quinton CR-60 Treadmills, Cardiovascular Stairmaster 510 Treadmills, Cardiovascular Stairmaster 612 Treadmills, Cardiovascular Startrack 4000 Treadmills, Cardiovascular Startrack 4500 Treadmills).

American International Medical (AIMCARDIO) buys, sells and services exercise equipment, fitness equipment, Cardiovascular, Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehab, and Cardiology equipment. Our markets include: Clinics, Doctor’s Offices and Hospitals. We also carry EKG Recorders, Ultrasound Machines, Holter Recorders, Defibrillators (HP 43100A, HP-Codemaster XL, Zoll M and Physcio Control) and Disposables.

Our Disposables include EKG Electrodes, EKG Paper, Patient Cables and Patient Wires.
American International Medical (AIMCARDIO) service inventory includes PC Boards, replacement monitors and other related Service parts and manuals. Service Contracts are available for selected equipment purchased through American International Medical (AIMCARDIO), but not limited too.

Take advantage of our great specials on Fitness Equipment, and other exercise equipment.

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For a price quote and further information, call toll free 1 (800) 333-9111 to speak with an AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL customer service representative or email [email protected]