Philips HD11XE CVO Shared Service Ultrasound

//Philips HD11XE CVO Shared Service Ultrasound

Philips HD11XE CVO Shared Service Ultrasound

Philips Philips HD11 XE CVO Shared Service

Philips Diamond Select


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Philips HD11XE CVO Shared Service Ultrasound

  • 17″ LCD Monitor with articulating arm
  • Cardiac/Vascular/OG/GYN/General Imaging Package
  • Color Doppler
  • CW/PW Doppler
  • M Mode
  • Angio
  • DVD/CD Writer
  • SonoCT
  • XRes
  • IScan
  • Dicom Structed Reporting
  • Dicom Networking
  • ECG
  • Stress Echo

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SonoCT for real-time compound images

This compounding technology performs beam-steered spatial compounding in both transmit and receive modes. It acquires multiple lines of sight simultaneously, without any special transducer maneuvers, compounds them in real time and displays exceptionally clear images. You can count on more clinical data for increased diagnostic confidence, patient after patient.

DICOM networking enhances data management

Allows you to share data with most DICOM management systems. Includes DICOM Print and Store, Modality Worklist, Performed Procedure Step and Structured Reporting.

Full range of transducers to meet your examination needs

A wide range of transducers is available for the Diamond Select ultrasound systems. Choose from broadband, volume sector, linear-array, curved array, TEE and Doppler pencil transducers to fit your needs.

Refurbishment process provides like-new condition

Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough five-step refurbishment process.

xRes adaptive processing reduces speckle noise artifacts

xRes performs real-time analysis of patterns and refines images throughout the field of view. It gives you high quality images by enhancing borders and margins and virtually decreasing speckle noise artifact. Improves your diagnostic review and enhances your diagnostic confidence.

Enhanced ergonomics for optimal user convenience

From the adjustable monitor and control panel to the easy-to-access transducer connectors and highly maneuverable cart, this system was designed for user comfort. The LCD flat panel may reduce eye strain, and the independent height adjustment options facilitate neutral working positions and may reduce repetitive stress injuries.

Panoramic Imaging* for extended field of view

This feature creates a series of real-time images while the user moves the transducer laterally across the anatomy. When the imaging is complete, the system renders a panoramic mosaic display, providing a larger reference image for documentation of spatial relationships of structures.

Award winning program means winning performance

Philips Refurbishment program is winner of a Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Product Quality Leadership (2010). This underscores the quality and care that goes into each of our Diamond Select systems.

Stress Echo* settings for rapid image acquisition

The Stress Echo option is fully integrated into the user interface, for the rapid acquisition and display of high-resolution images during stress echocardiography, with plenty of flexibility.

3D Fetal Echo STIC for a detailed view of the fetal heart

The spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC) presents the fetal heart beating in a multiplanar display, preserving spatial relationships in the B and C planes. This more detailed view of fetal heart valves and wall motion aids in detecting anomalies during routine obstetric exams.

4D Imaging* for breathtaking 4D studies

Move seamlessly through 2D and Doppler modes right into breathtaking 4D studies. The system’s powerful architecture supports continuous quantitative volume acquisition and display, with easy, simultaneous visualization and measurement in three planes. Stunning image quality which may enhance your exam efficiencies by changing the way you acquire and visualize ultrasound data.


Check it out ours Ultrasounds  We have for all Budget