Burdick Quest Exercise Stress System

The Burdick fully integrated exercise stress system, Quest, combines innovative touch screen technology with leading-edge diagnostic capabilities. Combined with a 15″ color monitor, users can control the system by just touching the screen to program or select specific functions. Quest even thinks ahead for the user highlighting the step usually taken next. No more searching for the right key, knob or toggle.


The Quest Exercise stress system provides simple, complete control with the touch of a finger. Everything you need to see is directly on-screen letting you focus on the patient
Performs both resting 12-lead ECGs and stress tests on one system
Accurate ECG data acquired at the patient eliminating non-cardiac electrical noise
Flexible programming means you choose the protocol
Generous storage, enhanced online data editing and several data management options
Full-range reporting offers over 15 different report configurations
Digitally controlled treadmill maximizes system reliability
Optional T-Wave Alternans helps predict Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)
Quest T-Wave Alternans

A effective, non-invasive diagnostic test to assess SCD risk

T-wave alternans is an effective technology to evaluate a patientârdi SCD potential during standard stress testing

Microvolt T-wave alternans measures subtle (1 microvolt) changes in the morphology of the T-wave on an every beat basis. This minute change helps to determine if the patient is susceptible to SCD.
Clinically proven technology at over 150 major medical institutions worldwide
Reimbursable by Medicare and private pay insurance