Swivel screen
12.1 inch touch panel TFT LCD with swivel screen lets you change the screen angle to the best viewing position.

Same size display image and printout
The screen display and waveforms are the same size as the printout. Also, the display has grid lies
just like the recording paper.

Large 5 minute memory
The most recent five minutes of all lead ECG waveforms can be stored in memory. This increases the chance to record important data. To save data, you can select, analyze and print just the necessary region from 5 minute full disclosure.

Serial comparison
Average waveforms in the latest 5 exams can be compared in the same screen. You can know the
changes in time-series basis.

Communication capability
Approximately 400 patients x 10 seconds of 12 lead ECG wave and patient information can be
stored. Approximately 2,500 patients x 10 seconds of 12 lead ECG wave and patient information can
be stored on a QM-040V flash disk card. Stored data can be transferred to PC via QM-040V or
LAN/ Wireless LAN interface with optional QB- 903E ECG viewer software.

Built-in recorder or Paperless model
ECG-1500K (paperless model)
ECG-1550K (built-in recorder)

Same size display image and printout
The screen display and waveforms are the same size as the printout. Also, the display has grid
lines just like the recording paper.


ECG Input
Input impedance: ≥ 10 MΩ
Electrode offset tolerance: ≥ ±400mV
Input unit protection: Isolated and defibrillation protected
Standard sensitivity: 10 mm/mV ±5%
Common mode rejection ratio: 110 dB or less
Frequency response: 0.05 Hz to 150 Hz,≥ -3 dB (drift filter: off, High-cut filter:150 Hz)

Waveform Data Processor
ECG leads: 12 lead (with JC-901D)
Number of inputs: 2
Sample rate: 500 samples/s
AC line filter: 50/60 Hz
High cut filter: 25, 35, 75,100, 150 Hz
Time constant: ≥ 3.2 s
External input: 2 channel, 10 mm/0.5 V
Signal output: 1 channel, 0.5 V/1mV
Sensitivity selection: 2.5, 5, 10,20 mm/mV

Type: Color LCD (with backlight)
Display size: 12.1 inch
Resolution: 800 x 600 dots
Displayed data:Waveform, patient information, recording settings, operation mode

Recorder (ECG-1550K)
Printing process: High resolution thermal print head
Printing density: 200 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Scanning line density: 1 ms
Number of channels: 3, 4, 6, 7, 12
Paper speed: 5, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/s
Recording data: Program type, version, date and time, paper speed, sensitivity, lead name, filter, hospital name, patient information, electrode detachment, noise
Recording paper type: 210 mm width, 30 m long Zfold (100 m or 300 m Z-fold and roll recording paper set outside the main unit)

ECG Analysis
Program name: ECAPS 12C
Analysis patient age: 3 years to adult
Finding items: approx.200
Judging items: 5

Connectors/ PC Card Slot
USB: USB1.1 ? 2
LAN: IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX) x 1
PS/2: keyboard connector x 1
PC card slots: TypeI/II PC card standard 1997 (excluding
CardBus) x 2

Power Requirements
Line voltage: 100 to 127V, 220 to 240 V ±10%
Line frequency: 50/60Hz
Power input: ECG-1500K:50 VA, ECG-1550K:150 VA
Power saving: Standby mode

Battery operation
Voltage: 12 V
Power consumption:5 A or less
Battery operation*:Approx.100 minutes
Power consumption:10 A or less
Battery operation*:Approx.40 minutes
*Under the conditions of operating temperature 25°C, fully
charged new battery, recording speed 25 mm/s (for ECG-
1550K), 6 ch continuous recording (for ECG-1550K)

Main Unit:
Operating temperature: 10 to 40°C
Operating humidity: 25 to 95% RH
Operating atmospheric pressure: 70 to 106 kPa
Storage temperature: -20 to 65°C
Storage humidity: 10 to 95% RH (non condensing)

Operating humidity: 45 to 85% RH
Storage temperature:
30 days or less:-20 to 50°C
one year or less:-20 to 30°C
Storage humidity:
60 days or less:10 to 95% RH
more than 60 days:45 to 85% RH
Recording paper:
Operating humidity:25 to 80% RH
Storage temperature:-20 to 50°C
Storage humidity: 10 to 90% RH
Performance standard: IEC60601-2-51(2003)

Safety standard: IEC60601-1 (1988), IEC60601-1
Amendment 1 (1991), IEC60601-1 Amendment 2
(1995), IEC60601-2-25 (1993), IEC60601-2-25
Amendment 1 (1999), IEC60601-1-1 (2000)
Type of protection against electric shock:
AC power:Class I
Battery power:Internally powered equipment
Degree of protection against electric shock:
Defibrillator proof type CF applied part when input box JC-
901D is used

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (excluding protrusions):
ECG-1500K:330 W ? 370 H ? 340 D mm
ECG-1550K:330 W ? 420 H ? 340 D mm
Weight (without battery):
ECG-1500K:9.5 kg
ECG-1550K:12 kg

Electromagnetic Compatibility
IEC60601-1-2 Second edition 2001
IEC60601-2-25 Amendment 1:1999

Local Purchase Options
Purchase the following recommended models.
Recommended models
• Wireless LAN card
• Bar code reader
• Magnetic card reader
KT-993-3R-0101 (NEURON)
• Keyboard
Reference specifications*
• Bar code reader
USB1.1, bus powered, HID class type
• Magnetic card reader
USB1.1, bus powered, HID class type
• Keyboard
PS/2 connector type
*If the recommended model is not available, you can try using a unit with these reference specifications although the proper functioning of any unit other than the recommended models cannot be guaranteed.