Quinton Q-4500 Stress Test Machine

///Quinton Q-4500 Stress Test Machine

Quinton Q-4500 Stress Test Machine

Quinton Q4500 Stress System controller with Quinton Q55 treadmill

  • Freeze half of the screen while the other half displays live ECG data.
  • Up to 7 user-definable ergometer protocols, each with a resting stage and up to 99 exercise stages.
  • High-resolution thermal chart recorder produces quality reports ready for signature.
  • Menu, entry and control functions are easily accessible on the removable PC-compatible keyboard.

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Quinton Q-4500 Stress System Specifications:

Quinton Q-4500:
Overall System
Frequency Response: 0.05 to 100 Hz.
Display and Analysis System: Mucle artifact filter (user-selectable); baseline wander filter (user-selectable)
Gain: X2, X1, X0.5 (X1-10 mm/mV)
Calibration Signal: 1.0 mV for 200 msec
Lead Group: Standard 12-lead, Franks leads, Canadian, Comell 12-lead, Cabrera Sequence
Lead Group Length (Auto 12-lead): 2.5 or 5.0 seconds.
ECG Simulator: ECG signals for 14 electrode sites, programmable heart rate (user-selectable between 30 to 240 bpm) and PVC’s (user-selectable)
Outputs: TTL Pulse for QRS detection, 3 analog outputs user-selectable between 3 current ECG leads displayed, Heart Rate, Treadmill Speed/Grade, Ergometer RPM/Workload.
ECG Amplifier
Defibrillator Protection: Protected to 360 Joules
Input Impedance: 20 megohms
Common Mode Rejection: 100 dB (minimum) at 60 Hz.
Pacemaker Pulse Identification: Per E C 13 3.2,9, 12.
Input Channels: Simultaneous acquisitons of all leads.
CRT Screen
Content: Three ECG channels, real-time graphs and alphanumeric data.
Size: 14″ diagonal
Type: High-resolution monochrome rasterscan
Memory Span: 8 seconds of ECG
Freeze Feature: Split screen format with oldest four seconds of ECG frozen
Displayed Data: Stage, stage time, exercise time, speed, grade, blood pressure, and heart rate.
ECG Computations
HR Computation: 6-seconds average, updated every 2 seconds.
ST Parameters: Level, slope
ST Reference Point: J-junction, (QRS Offset), user-selectable, variable.
QRS Detection Channel: Absolute Spatial Vector Velocity
Quinton Q-4500 Stress System Exercise Device Controller
Displays: Grade displayed in %. Speed displayed in mph, km/h, or m/min. Workload displayed in kP, m/min or Watts.
User-Defined Environment: Includes user-defined procedures and final report protocol.
Quinton Q-4500 Stress System Protocols: 3 resident protocols: Bruce, Manual, and Astrand. Infinite number of user-programmable protocols, each with up to 99 stages and warm up/cool down
Quinton Q-4500 Stress System Dimensions: 59 x 24 x 31 inches. 150 x 61 x 79 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 142 lbs, 65 kg

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