QUINTON Q-4000 | Cardiac Stress Test

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 Quinton  Q-4000 Stress Test System                             
Sharp CRT display – 3 channel, users selected leads
12 Lead average
Simultaneous 12 Lead
Comprehensive Final Reports
Tabular report by stage or time, Average Beat Summary,
Abbreviated Trend Graph, Trend Graphs (ST level & ST Slope on all
12 leads for entire test), Includes Resting Averages
Bruce, Modified Bruce, Modified Balke and Naughton plus 8 users
Programmable protocols (w/up to 31 stages)
Quinton Q-55 Treadmill

Controller with Q55 Treadmill
– Displays current speed and grade information on LED numeric displays
– Collects ECG data from electrode sites on the body
– Computes heart rate, ST parameters, and other information
– Gives trending and graphical monitoring


Chart Recorder
Description: Records three 50 mm-wide ECG channels and a 45 mm-wide half channel containing alphanumeric data for labeling and calculated parameters. Writing Method: High-resolution thermal printhead. Speeds: 2, 25, and 50 mm/sec. Paper Capacity: 200 feet (61 meter) of Z-fold paper. Paper size: 8 ½” x 11″ (216 x 280 mm). Paper Type: Thermal paper, Z-fold.

ECG Computations
Calculated parameters: heart rate, ST level, and ST slope. Fiducial point for ST measurement: j-junction (calculated using QRS offset and isoelectric reference point).

Descriptions: 14-wire, low-noise, shielded cable for developing the 12 standard leads and the XYZ Frank leads. Color coded connectors comply with the 1975 AHA recommendations.

ECG Simulator
Outputs are simulated ECG signals for the 14 electrode sites. The simulated heart rate is adjustable to any value between 30 and 240 bpm, with a default value of 60 bpm. PVC complexes may be selected by the operator.

Rear Panels Outputs
QRS SYNC: TTL compatible QRS synchronization pulse ( mini-phone jack). The leading edge of the sync pulse is delayed 25 msec (nominal) form the ECG complex. Analog Output Three-channel ECG or heart rate/treadmill speed (mph)/treadmill grade (%) (3 mini-phone jacks). ECG signals are bipolar, ±5 volts, and the output signals have a gain of 1000 over the input signal. Signals are linear from 0 to +5 volts maximum. If the output is set to heart rate/speed/grade: 120 bpm= 1.0 volt; 5.0 mph = 1.0 volt; 10% grade = 1.0 volt.

Q55 Treadmill
Patient capacity: 350 lbs (159 kg). Belt speed range: 1-10 mph (1.6-16 km/h). Grade range: 0-25% or 0°-14°. Nominal walking area: 20×50 in; 51×140 cm. Walking surface height: 5.3″ or 13.5 cm. Weight: 400 lbs (182 kg). Power specifications: 230V/50-60Hz/12A; 100V/50-60Hz//24A; 208V/60Hz/12A/24A; 208V/60Hz/12A

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