GE/Marquette CASE 15 & 16 Exercise Testing System Features – Stroke-written display exposes subtle waveform variation. – User-definable measurement points ensure physician-trusted accuracy. – Convenient 12-median ECG display calls attention to potentially hidden changes. – Powerful review function provides an unmatched tool for documenting missed events. – Re-analysis lets you meet all researchers’ needs. – HI-RES signal averaging program option is a non-invasive alternative to electrophysiological studies. – Unity Network compatibility facilitates immediate access to the complete patient record. – Marquette’s 12SL resting ECG analysis program option adds clinical versatility. – Cubic spline baseline correction removes baseline wander without the use of distorting filters. – TRIM KNOB control eliminates multiple keystroke functions. – Incremental updating is a beat to beat process that illustrates ST changes for real-time decision making. – Modular patient cable design lowers maintenance costs.