GE/Marquette MAX Personal Stress Test System                         
The Marquette MAX Personal Stress Test System is a portable, dual-purpose exercise testing system with resting ECG capabilities and full exercise testing function. It offers a high visibility plasma display for optimal waveform viewing with internal storage of 4-5 exercise test results.

  • Unity Network TM compatibility facilitates immediate access to the complete patient record                     
  • Immediate access to the complete record is facilitated by data transmission for remote stress testing
  • Marquette’s standard resting ECG analysis program adds clinical versatility
  • Cubic Spine baseline correction removes baseline wander without the use of distorting filters
  • TRIM KNOB  control eliminates multiple keystroke functions
  • Intuitive menu design eliminates the need to navigate through multiple layered menus
  • Incremental updating is a beat-to-beat process that illustrates ST changes for real-time decision making

Modular patient cable design lowers maintenance costs

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