Burdick Vision 5 Holter Analysis System

//Burdick Vision 5 Holter Analysis System

Burdick Vision 5 Holter Analysis System

Burdick BURV53H-1 Vision 5 Holter Analysis System


(1) H 3+ Digital Holter Recorder (* Additional  holter recorders available at additional cost.)

Vision 5 Holter Software

USB Download Cable

3-Channel 15″ AHA patient cable,

Hookup Kit (Leadwire, 1 AAA Battery)

Reusable Carrying Case

10 Single Use Pouch

Short Form Instruction Card

User Manual



Features and Benefits

  • Ease-of-use. Combining speed, flexibility and performance, Burdick® Vision™ 5 meets the needs of routine Holter monitoring environments, as well as specialized clinical settings.
  • Studies using American Heart Association (AHA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) standardized databases show Vision 5 to have 99.9% QRS detection accuracy.
  • Easily transfer complete patient reports between Vision 5 and various information systems, enhancing data accessibility.
  • Workflow redefined. Data transfer and automatic analysis require only about a minute, allowing for efficient patient report generation.
  • Retrospective, prospective, and superimposition scanning modes are supported to enable both traditional and advancedscanning options.
  • Meaningful results are presented in trends, tables and histograms to assist with determination of event frequency and severity.
  • Color-coded event review marks ST episodes, atrial fibrillation regions, artifact regions, ventricular events, supraventricular events, and any user-defined event episodes allowing quick identification of rate-related abnormalities.
  • Full disclosure reports that print all or any part of a patient’s Holter recording in various formats