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Trillium 3000 Holter Recorder| Remanufactured| 1 Year Warranty

Includes: Software, 1 Recorder, Patient wires, batteries 

Choose from:

2 channel, 5 leads

3 channel, 5 leads

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Product Description

The Trillium 3000 is a complete digital holter system which will work on any of your PC office computers. It is not limited to one site and comes with a 2 year warranty. As a Trillium 3000 customer, you have access to their tech support department via telephone, e-mail, and their Online Support service area. The Trillium 3000 is currently on sale and will compete with any holter system currently available.

-Turns PCs into Digital Holter systems.
-24 Hour Monitoring.
-Three button operation. 16 character display.
-Nonvolatile Solid State Flash-Card memory technology.
-Full disclosure report in 1, 2 or 3-channel, in 2 viewing sizes .
-Editing capabilities include Tabular/Narrative page editing, Operator selected strips capability, Reclassification, and Adding & Editing of strips from report.
-Patient event beeper. Patient ID entry.
-ST reporting on all channels recorded is standard.
-System allows suspension and restarting of the procedure.