The Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206EL features an electro-luminescent screen, ECG, Non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and optional recorder. The Propaq 206 has other optional features.
Setting the standard in portable vital signs monitoring, the Propaq Encore is designed for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. It is ideal for transport and bedside vital signs monitoring and approved for ambulance and aircraft use. The Propaq Encore is a very intuitive monitor to use. It has a high resolution, bright EL display, quick-action hard keys, long battery life, a small footprint and is lightweight, rugged, complete and ready to use. Put this small wonder to work for you.
The Propaq Encore is a very intuitive monitor to use: High resolution, bright EL display utilizing ICE technology, provides clear, bright,
comprehensive patient data. Quick-action hard keys Fast operation of NIBP, alarms and ECG freeze functions to save you time!
Lightweight Starting at 6.25 pounds, less than 13 pounds fully configured. Rugged Can withstand shock up to 50 g. Longest battery life
Up to 5 hours depending on configuration and usage. Small footprint Needs little surface space, or just a bedrail. Complete and ready to use
The Propaq Encore is configurable with:
• Heart/pulse rate
• ECG (3 or 5 lead)
• Noninvasive blood pressure
• Invasive blood pressure
(up to 2 channels)
• Temperature (2 channels)
• Nellcor pulse oximetry
• Capnography
• Impedance respiration
• Apnea