CardioDynamics Bio Z DX


  • Enhanced stability, accuracy, and reproducibility in a broader range of patient monitoring conditions is provided with AERIS™ (Adaptive Extraction and Recognition of Impedance Signals) processing.
  • Improved computation of cardiac output compared to previous ICG equations1 are now available with the Z MARC® (Modulating AoRtic Compliance) Algorithm.

12-Lead Diagnostic ECG Capability

  • The BioZ Dx is the only ICG device with Philips® 12-lead diagnostic ECG, providing clinicians with the unique ability to assess electrical and mechanical cardiovascular status in one convenient platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Comparison status report allows physicians to automatically compare a patient’s last ICG report to the current ICG report to easily identify whether a patient responded to therapy or whether their heart function has worsened or improved.
  • Customized report and screen parameters, data average and update intervals
  • High-resolution, integrated thermal printer
  • Color display monitor and fully integrated alphanumeric keyboard
  • Noninvasive oscillometric blood pressure monitor
  • Transport battery allows monitoring and printing without AC power
  • Patented BioZ AdvaSense® Sensor and Cable System ensures reproducible data and allows quick and easy application
  • Upgradeability to 12 lead diagnostic ECG from Philips Medical

Information Management

  • Print, delete, or transfer files from the ICG patient database
  • Internal storage capability up to 15,000 ICG Status Reports
  • Convenient backup of patient data to compact flash external memory card or transfer to local area network (LAN) directory.