Lode Corival Recumbent Ergometer

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Lode Corival Recumbent Ergometer

Lode Corival Recumbent Ergometer

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TheĀ  Corival recumbent has essentially the same features as the standard Corival; it can be used for obese and elderly test subjects and rehabilitation. The ergometer is suitable for test subjects up to 250 kg. These test subjects can exercise optimally with the recline adjustable from 110 to 161 degrees. Thanks to the well thought-out design, the ergometer is easily accessible for all test subjects and patients. The workload range of 7-1000 watt makes this ergometer suitable for various applications.

Thanks to the simple keyboard it is possible to access the full menu functions with only 3 buttons. The optional programmable control unit has multiple preprogrammed languages available. The Corival recumbent is suitable for all body sizes.

Nuclear Design:
The Nuclear Corival is an electromagnetically braked ergometer without handlebar to make it easy to place the ergometer direct in front of a scanner.