Suntech Tango M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

//Suntech Tango M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

Suntech Tango M2 Blood Pressure Monitor


SunTech Tango M2 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

works with your GE or Quinton/Mortara Stress system

1 Year Warranty


The SunTech Tango M2 is the new innovative technology that offers accurate, reliable, hands-free monitoring for Cardiac Stress and Exercise Testing. The device stands alone in the marketplace as it’s the only device designed specifically as “motion tolerant” and will automatically take a blood pressure reading during stress testing.  This feature allows the health care provider more valuable time to work directly with their patients.


With the Tango M2, you can count on us to deliver:

Seamless Integration: Automated communication with your stress system reduces the risk of transcription errors.

Non-Exercise BP Mode: Allows BP measurement during patient set-up and recovery without an ECG signal.

Stat Mode: Rapidly repeated automatic BP measurements for time sensitive and emergent situations.

Color LCD: Improved usability with a new 7″ color LCD display.

Verified Measurements: See & hear the Korotkoff sounds using the onscreen display and the included headphones.

Data Retrieval: Easier troubleshooting with 300 BP reading history and USB capabilities for measurement retrieval.

Field Upgrades: USB port allows for field upgrades, making sure end-users always have the current software.


  • BP measurements: Auscultatory R-wave gating using K-sound analysis, for all static and active phases of stress testing. Oscillometric using pneumatic pressure for static measurements only
    • Measurement range: (DKA mode) Pressure Systolic: 40 – 270 mmHG, Diastolic: 20 – 160 mmHg (OSC mode) Systolic 40 – 260 mmHg, Diastolic: 20 – 160 mmHG; Heart rate 40 – 200 bpm
    • Integrates with all popular stress ECG systems using RS-232, BNC, ECG cable only for internal ECG & USB connections
    • ECG Source: Primary – From integrated stress ECG system or other external source. Secondary – internal ECG option using V2, V6, RL
    • Power: input – 100-240 VAC @ 1.5, 50-60 Hz. Output +9 VDC
    • Dimensions: 9.5” x 6.9” x 4.5”
    • Weight: 3.725 lb
    • Accuracy: Equivalent to a trained observer using a cuff/stethoscope auscultation method per ANSI/AAMI