Product Description

Cardiac Rehab/Physical Therapy unit. The Monark 828E Ergonometer Bike is the successor to the 818E. This ergonometer bicycle has a new softer design, a completely housed flywheel and strengthened frame. A new electronic instrument shows effective output in watts and heart rate using telemetry. This is the world’s most widely used test bike for fitness tests and worktests. It is easy to calibrate and just as easy to check when in use.

•Large, well-balanced flywheel(48 lbs).
•Pendulum scale, easy to calibrate.
•Adjustable seat height.
•Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever.
•Stable frame, solid steel tube.
•Wheels for easy transport.
•Electronic display with heart rate.
•Electronic meter shows pedal-turns per minute (RPM),heart rate in beats per minute (HR), Cycling-time in minutes and seconds (TIME), intended cycling speed in km/miles per hour (SPEED)distance covered in km/miles (DISTANCE).