Prucka Mac-Lab System for Hemodynamic Monitoring

The Prucka Mac-Lab 7000 System improves your cath lab operation by bringing Windows NT performance to hemodynamic monitoring. Increase your lab’s productivity through the process efficiency and equipment reliability of the Mac-Lab 7000. GE Medical Systems has listened to our customers and studied cath lab workflow. We have even formed the Prucka Center for Invasive Cardiology to focus completely on your cath lab needs. All of these efforts have evolved into a fast and easy-to-use, state-of-the-art hemodynamic monitoring system that offers you the flexible Configurations you need to meet your lab’s needs. Add the Prucka CardioLab Electrophysiology Software for a true combined System.

The Prucka Mac-Lab 7000 System combines Windows NT reliability and usability with standard off-the-shelf computer hardware for proven dependability. Full-disclosure data is acquired from the multi-parameter TRAM module and saved to optical disk.


The network capabilities of the Prucka Mac-Lab 7000 include workstations for remote real-time review as well as simultaneous data entry. Staff members can use these remote workstations to add information to the study log or to review the case without having to use the main lab system. All waveform and text data flows easily to Microsoft Word For flexible report generation!

GE Medical Systems also offers the Prucka Mac-Lab 4000 and 2000 Systems for labs focused on basic hemodynamic studies. To optimize lab utilization, combine Prucka Mac-Lab Systems with Prucka CardioLab electrophysiology capabilities for one complete Windows NT-based Invasive cardiology system!