GE/Marquette Recording Paper

///GE/Marquette Recording Paper

GE/Marquette Recording Paper

GE Chart Recording paper compatible with the following

GE/Marquette Mac 5000

GE Mac 5500

GE/Marquette CENTRA

GE/Marquette Case 12

GE/Marquette  Case 15

GE/Marquette Case 16

GE/Marquette Case 8000

GE/Marquette Mac 6

GE/Marquette Mac 8

GE/Marquette Mac 12

GE/Marquette Mac 15

GE/Marquette Mac 16

GE Mac 3500

GE/Marquette Mac VU

GE/Marquette MAX 1

GE/Marquette MAX 2000

GE/Marquette MUSE 45F/G

GE/Marquette MUSE 1000

GE/Marquette MUSE 5000

P/N: AIM9402-020


GE/Marquette Chart Recording Paper  P/N: 9402-020

Z-FOLD EKG CHART PAPER ,Z-fold pack, 8.5″ x 11″, no header, full page red grid, 300 sheets per pack.

Case of paper contains 8 packs

Sold by the pack or Case