Over 30 Years of Medical Equipment Distribution and Refurbishing

American International Medical, has been in business for over 30 years, We offer used medical equipment and  support on GE, Quinton, Burdick, Schiller, Mortara other major brands of stress systems.

We also offer support of related cardiology and medical equipment such as:
defibrillators, EKG machines, holter systems, blood pressure monitors, ultrasound machine and other durable medical equipment, along with accessories and supplies.

We specialize in current and earlier stress system models and electronic components, difficult to find parts, cables, technical support, supplies and “out of factory” support systems.
Complete equipment repair and cosmetic repairs of medical equipment are also available.

 Used Medical Equipment  & Featured Products

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We specialize in Quinton, GE/Marquette and Burdick systems and any other major brands of equipment. Also, we support and service every piece of used medical equipment for the life of the system.

Our 1 year parts and labor warranty is included in the price of the used medical equipment. Systems are considered refurbished when shipped.

Ask about a service contract for the years after the 1 year warranty.

Ge partsQuinton Q-stressGe Case BurdickBurdick Quest Case 800Mortara Qstress Q-stress 4.5 Cam 14 – Ultrasound machines – Ekg Accessories parts & cables – Stress Test Systems – Computer Based Ekg – Pre-amp Q-stress – TM-55 – Treadmill T-2000 – Treadmill 2100 – Echo Bed – Disposables – Ge Case p2 Series – ge case stress system parts – ge case v6.7 – ge t2100 treadmill – quinton treadmill – EKG Machines

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We work with our customers till we get the job done!

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